Contributed by: The James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

Curvaceous physical therapist portrayed by British actress Molly Peters in Thunderball. At the Shrublands health clinic in rural England, Patricia not only helps Bond (Sean Connery) recover from a nasty poker wound inflicted by SPECTRE agent Jacques Bouvar (Bob Simmons) in the teaser but is also involved with SPECTRE agent Count Lippe (Guy Doleman), who’s enrolled at the clinic while a plastic-surgery-aided duplicate is substituted for NATO aerial observer François Derval (Paul Stassino).

When Lippe nearly kills Bond by increasing the tension on his motorized traction table, Patricia pleads with 007 not to tell her boss. The price of Bond’s silence is a tryst in the steam room and another in Bond’s suite, where he works a mink glove over Patricia’s nude back.

The Patricia Fearing character resurfaces in Never Say Never Again, with actress Prunella Gee in the role. This time, Bond (Sean Connery) seduces her with a suitcase full of gourmet foods, including beluga caviar, quail eggs, foie gras from Strasbourg, and vodka. While sleeping with Patricia, Bond hears a scuffle in another room, where SPECTRE agent Fatima Blush (Barbara Carrera) is beating up nervous airman turned drug addict and sex slave Jack Petachi (Gavan O’Herlihy).


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