Contributed by: The Complete James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

South American drug lord Franz Sanchez‘s (ROBERT DAVI) head of security, portrayed by veteran American character actor Don Stroud, in Licence to Kill. Heller runs Sanchez’s well-equipped private army in Isthmus City.

During an assault on the stronghold of some Hong Kong narcotics agents, Heller leads the full-scale attack in an armored vehicle. Having destroyed Milton Krest‘s (ANTHONY ZERBE) relationship with Sanchez, Bond continues his mind games on the Sanchez-Heller bond. Heller is ripe for a turnaround.

According to CIA undercover operative Pam Bouvier (CAREY LOWELL), Heller is going to try to return to the United States four Stinger missiles that were stolen from the Contra rebels. Unfortunately, he changes his mind when Bond (TIMOTHY DALTON) fails to kill Sanchez with the signature gun.

Later, at the Olimpatec Meditation Institute, Sanchez turns on Heller, who has the Stinger missiles in his possession. The security chief is then impaled on the blades of a runaway forklift..


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