Contributed by: The James Bond Movie Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin

Undercover CIA operative and former US Army pilot portrayed fabulously by Carey Lowell in Licence to Kill. In the Michael G. WilsonRichard Maibaum screenplay, Bouvier is an ode to the woman of the 1980s: a tough, no-nonsense player who doesn’t like warming her behind on the sidelines. Glimpsed briefly in the Key West office of Felix Leiter (David Hedison), she gets her true introduction at the seedy Barrelhead Bar in Bimini, Bahamas—and quite an introduction it is.

Tipped off by Leiter’s computer that Bouvier is shadowing operatives of drug lord Franz Sanchez (Robert Davi) in Bimini, Bond (Timothy Dalton) joins her at the Barrelhead. Pam is seated at a table surrounded by the slime of the Caribbean and wielding a hidden shotgun. She’s very unimpressed with Bond’s own firepower—his trusty Walther. But there’s no time to wait for reinforcements, as the two are quickly joined by Sanchez’s henchman Dario (Benicio Del Toro), who is very suspicious of Pam and her English friend.

After Pam shoves her shotgun up against Dario’s crotch, a brawl breaks out. Outnumbered and outgunned, 007 holds back the tide until Pam creates her own escape route by blasting a hole in the barroom wall. They escape in Bond’s motorboat. Pam is shot by Dario, but fortunately she’s wearing body armor. After a rather abrupt moonlight tryst in the boat, Pam agrees to fly 007 into the lion’s den—Isthmus City, where Sanchez has his stronghold.

Posing as 007’s secretary, with a new hairdo and wardrobe to match, Pam becomes a passive observer as Bond skillfully infiltrates the drug empire. However, her skills come in handy when she impersonates the Isthmus harbor pilot and rams the Wavekrest research vessel of Sanchez ally Milton Krest (Anthony Zerbe) into the dock—a diversion that helps Bond plant drug loot in the decompression chamber.

Pam is also very handy at the Olimpatec Meditation Institute, run by hapless televangelist and Sanchez henchman Joe Butcher (Wayne Newton). She seduces Butcher, locks him in his bedroom, and goes off to help Bond escape from the on-site laboratory where Sanchez’s cocaine is dissolved in gasoline so it can be transported undetected.

Later, while piloting a crop-dusting plane, Pam drops 007 on top of one of the tanker trucks carrying this liquid cocaine. As Bond systematically obliterates Sanchez’s drug convoy, Pam keeps watch from above—a sort of friendly guardian angel version of villainous pilot Naomi (Caroline Munro) in The Spy Who Loved Me. With Sanchez dead and his empire ruined, there’s a major celebration at the drug lord’s home, where Pam sees Bond kissing Lupe Lamora (Talisa Soto).

Unaware it’s a good-bye kiss—Lupe is now a fixture on the arm of President Lopez (Pedro Armendariz Jr.)—a teary-eyed Pam runs off. Bond sees her and jumps into Sanchez’s pool, where they enjoy a passionate embrace in the water, where most Bond movies seem to end.


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