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movies about spies

Alright, you know our website, podcast show, and YouTube channel are all about movies about spies!

At, movies about spies is a genre we just love and love diving into to decode hidden connections, key scene analysis, and details that we think need to be highlighted in order to enjoy the movie the most.

Some listener reactions:

  • “Your podcast is excellent. Very informative and fun to listen to. It is obvious a lot of passion for the genre and lots of research have gone in their production.”
  • “Just a shout out: you guys are killing it lately with the great podcasts” –Shane!
  • “You’re the men with the Midastouch, engaging & fun, as always!Eddie
  • “If you’re a spy movie fan, you’re going to really enjoy these.  The hosts make it fun and offer some fascinating trivia about the movies we all love.”  Apple Listener

James Bond podcast listener reactions

Naturally, we are heavy into James Bond and the whole James Bond franchise.  We have episodes out on many of the movies and a ton of the pre-title scenes that have been enjoyed around the world. You can find them here.

Here are some listener reactions to our Bond episodes:

On our two-part Quantum of Solace interview with Roberto Schaefer ASC, AIC, Director of Photography (Listen here: Part 1 and Part 2):

  • “The two-part interview put you over the top.  The insights into the filming of a Bond film, from the Director of Photography no less, was fascinating.”
  • “Great behind the scenes info and discussion with cinematographer Roberto Schaefer.”
  • “If podcasts and content about James Bond is your thing. Just recently they featured a great interview with Roberto Schaefer who was the Director of Photography for QUANTUM OF SOLACE.” – Thunderballs

On our two-part podcast episode on Thunderball:

  • Jesus M. – about Thunderball Part 1: “Really Loved it!!  You guys do a Good Job Explaining the film in Detail I even love Tom talking about the original No Time to Die in the UK in 1958 wow!!!!”

We even do episodes decoding gadgets.  Here’s a listener comment on our podcast episode Gadgets in Spy Movies – Dr. No & Skyfall – Can You Believe It?

  •  “Love This Episode of the Podcast!  The Way you Guys Explain in Detail Each Gadget from Dr. No and Skyfall and The Interview with Joe Pappalardo was Great ”

Movies About Spies Categories

Well, we love movies about spies, and we are so thrilled that our site users and listeners to our podcast show can feel that as well!

We do Mission: Impossible as well, decoding that terrific series.

And the Harry Palmer 1960s series, The Ipcress File, Funeral in Berlin, and Billion Dollar Brain!

And certainly, we must cover and do cover, The Kingsman series!   All fun stuff!

And we do a fun category of this genre, classic spy movies – which falls under our umbrella category, The Best of the Rest!

So, we have podcast episodes out on The 39 Steps, which many consider the first spy movie, released in 1935 and directed by Alfred Hitchcock!  Doing more Hitchcock, we moved to Secret Agent (1936), The Man Who Knew Too Much (both 1934 and 1956 versions), and North by Northwest (1959).

We decode other spy movie classics like Q Planes, or Clouds Over Europe.

Spy Movie News

Monthly, for our listeners’ convenience, we research and report on what is happening with spy movie releases, actors, and more and present that all in a short (usually 15 minute) episode called Spy Movie News – so our listeners are totally up to date in about 15 minutes, as a result of our hours of research!


Cracking the Code of Spy Movies also does interviews, and we have had the Director of Photography for Quantum of Solace, Roberto Schaefer, ASC, AIC!  We have had actors from some of the James Bond movies, like Derek Lyons, Terence Mountain, Brigitte Millar, a real ex-CIA operative, Executive Producer Steven Saltzman, and more!  You’ll find all of our interviews here.

All fun and enlightening and a little bit irreverent at times!

Movies about Spies Filming Locations

We also do spy movie filming location videos and podcast episodes as well – which have been very popular.   There is something so cool about visiting spy movie filming locations, and we have been to over 120 locations about the world, from the USA to Portugal, the UK, Sardinia, Amsterdam, and more!

Our Website:

SPYmdb – Our Spy Movie Database

Our website features an exclusive James Bond Movie database, based on Steven Jay Rubin’s hot-selling book, The James Bond Movie Encyclopedia!

So, you can do your own research or perusing or facts from all the James Bond movies!   Getting ready for a James Bond trivia contest?   This is the place to do your homework!


Speaking of trivia contests, we have hosted the last two James Bond International Trivia Marathons, put on by Steven Jay Rubin!   Fun stuff!  You can listen to the 2020 Trivia Marathon here.   And the 2021 Trivia Marathon is here.

Our website also has two trivia contests, where you can take a quiz yourself, either on movies about spies in general, or one specific to James Bond.   All free!

You will find key links and articles on our site as well, some movie clips, and more.   You can listen to a podcast episode there as well!

More Feedback

Our podcast show, Cracking the Code of Spy Movies, has been voted Top 10 Espionage & Spy Podcasts by Spybrary!

Here is some more great feedback!  Thank you!

  • “Dan I am a follower of the SpyMovieNavigator Podcast (Cracking the Code of Spy Movies). Love it!” -Bob Sherer
  • “Love your stuff guys!” -spyhards
  • Twitter Follower: “You’re doing a wonderful job. Keep it up” – Dinok
  • Podcast Listener: “I’m just finding them all really interesting & fun to listen to!  Subject matter always interesting, the details fascinating.”


So, if you are into movies – and in particular, movies about spies – well, this is the place to be!

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