Global James Bond Day Quick Salute!

Global James Bond Day is every October 5th commemorating the 1962 release of Eon Productions first James Bond movie, DR. NO! We salute the phenomenon that Eon Productions has built and talk about how Global James Bond Day and this year’s 60th Anniversary of DR. NO goes way beyond the movies!  Cracking the Code of…

James Bond and Women

Is James Bond a womanizer? Does James Bond use women? Does James Bond rape women? Check this video out and let us know your opinion!

James Bond Monthly Online Trivia Event & Zoom Party!

NEXT EVENT: Play our James Bond Monthly Trivia Game. And all players will be invited to out Zoom Party right after the game ends!“It was incredibly fun. Can’t wait to do more.”– Eric S.“Fun time” – Dennis D.“Great game!” William K. Do you think you know James Bond Movies?All levels welcomed! It’s just fun! Join…

Trivia Quiz – The James Bond Quiz

This is a fun quiz with hundreds of questions that you can answer 10 at a time!   Test yourself over and over again!  Fun stuff! Spy movie trivia!  Who doesn’t like trivia?  With our sophisticated Spy Movie Trivia Quiz, your spy movie knowledge will be tested and improved!  Take the quiz many times, and you…


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